Price Action - Equity Research

Our team provide high probable research & chart patterns for Intraday, Swing & BTST in equity segment. It is a platform where our team skilled with Price Action knowledge & various tools, study chart patterns & share their research with subscribed members. We are not call providers as we believe in learning & proper knowledge sharing.
Person enrolled will be able to view all past & open recommedations so that they can do self analysis to find proper SL/Target which helps in learning & growth of member. Timely notifications sent by tool to associated private telegram groups help in earning by not missing such great setups.

Price Action - Equity Research

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PAC Lite - 1 Month Plan

Rs.1599 / mo
  • Intraday Research
  • BTST Research
  • Swing Research
  • Live Market alerts in 2 private groups
  • Trade Logs/Journal


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PAC Pro - 3 Months Plan

Rs.1499 / mo
  • All features of PAC Lite Plan
  • Live Market alerts in 2 private groups
  • Last 2 months Alert Triggered
  • Historical 2 months data with % move
  • Invite to Learning Session


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PAC VIP - 6 Months Plan

Rs.1199 / mo
  • All features of PAC Pro Plan
  • Live Market alerts in 2 private groups
  • Recording of previous 3 learning sessions
  • Invite & recording of Learning Session
  • Special Discount on PAC Course


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How is it different from the already present research/notifications system like
  • Price Action technical analysis require individual to analyze, monitor & keep continous watch on various patterns, breakout & breakdowns. This is tedious work. Our admins does all the hard work for you by searching for best patterns.
  • Most of the alert websites send us notification once a price level is reached but if you have created an alert few days/week back, you might lose track of reason behind the alert.
  • Our subscription greatly help working individuals by allowing them access to high probable research, charts & timely notifications without keeping an active watch.
  • Chart logic behind the recommendation is shared to all which aids in learning & growth of the member.
  • We have 2 member only groups for notifications. One for Swing recommendation & other for Intraday & BTST.
  • Platform is updated regularly to track any newly added stocks, changes in FNO/non-FNO qualitifications.
  • This tool is not to provide you CALLS but help you understand & learn Price Action analysis by better tracking, alerts & collaboration.
  • Platform also keep all last 1 month previous research which further help in learning from some of the past patterns & analysis.

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