Price Action Course Details:

Price action analysis is the use of the natural or “raw” price movement of a market to analyze and trade it. This means, you are making all of your trading decisions based purely on the price bars on a “naked” or indicator-free price chart.
Price Action involve identifying patterns, trend, support & resistance by observing price movements and then making informed decision on possible future price movement.
Price Action is universal in nature & same can be applied in any market like equity, commodity, forex, crypto etc. All the indicators are function of Price & if a person is able to read price correct using Price Action technique than he/she can trade with great ease without depending on lagging indicators.

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Welcome to the world of learning & a step closer to becoming an independent trader.

This entire program is divided into multiple modules and based on your previous experience, you can skip some of the beginner content included in this course.

1. Beginner's Content

This section is for new traders who should complete the foundation videos by me & other good authors about following.
1.1 Candlestick Basis
1.2 TradingView tutorial
1.3 Detailed explanation of Fibonacci Tool

2. Price Action Patterns

This section has content which will help traders understad how various price action patterns should look like. This is ust for visualization & not for stop loss & target identification.

3. Course Videos

This section has 5 videos where I have covered Price Action technical analysis in depth.
3.1 Risk Management & Trading Setup <40mins>
3.2 Price Action Technical Analysis <2hrs:40mins>
3.3 Stock Selection & Order Book Reading <1hrs:40mins>
3.4 Stock Selection Process during Live Market <45mins>
3.5 Common Issues & Doubt Clearing <55mins>

4. Index & Options Specials (new content)

Our community full of Pro members in various markets have shared their valuable knowledge with the community. Pro members like Vikas, Vivek, Vaibhav & Subrat has conducted extremely useful sessions for our entire group.
4.1 BANKNIFTY trading process <40mins>
4.2 NIFTY reversal strategy <1hr>
4.3 Unlocking options by Vaibhav <1hr:40mins>
4.4 Option strategies & adjustment <1hr:20mins>

Student Telegram Groups

We have a strong 600+ members student community where we discuss, share, learn & grow as independent traders. These groups are also platform where member can reach out to me & other admins for help, advice & clarifications.

Who should not join
1. If you are looking for a strategy to become profitable overnight.
2. If you think no hard work is required to become successful.
3. If you are only joining to get calls from student groups.


Frequently Asked Questions

Course covers Price Action technical analysis in very easy layman language and covers some important tips & tricks which provide you extra edge in stock market. Anyone with very little knowledge can learn & apply these principles to earn from stock market.

Course consists of total 5 learning videos & some additional content for beginners. A person may have to spend between 10-15hrs to complete this entire course. Once you have completed course, you have to practice these concepts before you apply them with real money.

You will be added to our student community which has over 600+ members. There are 4 telegram groups for students which provide like minded people to come together, help each other, discuss doubts with admins/seniors & share analysis/trades in Live market. You also get one month of Alert Tool access complimentary with course.

Once a person enroll for the course, they will be added to student telegram groups where person can ask any question, request verification of charts or seek validation on their analysis. Our community of 600+ members with multiple Admins, senior members work with moto of "Learn & Help others". Once a person learns, I expect them to help new members.

Course is designed to make individual independent trader. Although members & admins share trades in student groups but I want each member joining course to learn & find trades themselves rather than seeking free analysis from others. We have very clear policy of removing non-active members from group who fail to help other or share analysis after 4 months of initial learning period.

To become successful independent trader, person has to practice & follow rules taught in the course. Price Action is trading method and it is not a formula for overnight success. All the students who have learnt, followed & practiced these concepts are doing well & earning independently.

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